1. Já zas byla nemocná nedávno a kvůli tomu že jsem nechtěla mít tak velkou absenci (už tak jsem chyběla celkem dost dlouho) jsem to pořáně nevyležela a teď se jen modlím abych vydržela do podzimních prázdnin x_XJinak FF povídky, jo? Že bych se na ně mrkla taky? Žádnou jsem snad ještě ani nečetla XD Já se teď FF taky věnuju, ale v oblasti hraní a hrabe mi z toho, protože už hraju i ve snech X_x

  2. Follow the instructions in the booklet and toss any fruit or nuts with a little flour so they will suspend in the dough and not fall to the bottom. Usually recipes in the booklet are very good. Start with good ingredients.

  3. WOW!! Congratulations to your daughter for her dreams and her drive to achieve. When I have suffered this type of disappointment at dreams unrealized, even though I wanted it so-o-o-o bad, I have later, in retrospect, realized that it wasn’t the right opportunity at the right time. Those will come. All things happen as they are supposed to… the opportunity that is right for her at the right time and place will present itself. Because of what she learned and gained from this situation she will be an outstanding success when it really matters!

  4. she had none which was not true.They were then able to give her the wrong meds.They tried to kill her before that with sedative overdosing which almost killed her but somehow she survived.This was right after they were told that she cannot take those kind of sedatives.I really wish that there were more laws to protect seniors and others from medical abuse.This all happened in the U.S. in a state where euthanasia was not legal. I would hate to see what would happen in a state where it was legal.

  5. lol du schlauberger warum ist es unnötig ,dass die neue xbox 360 ready for kinect ist? und die grafik ist sowieso besser als bei der wii weil die xbox an sich schon bessere grafik hat. warum sollte sich das nur durch eine “kamera” ändern?

  6. "Zebra Murders, several cop killings, black mass murderers, overall violence against whites can be linked to black panthers,nation of islam, or the naacp."Oh, I gotta see the facts on this claim. The NAACP is now a hate group that promotes vilence against whites? Black mass murders?Field, your trolls have now officially jumped the shark. Start the elimination process.

  7. Gala, sigues siendo muchísimo más guapa que otras que no han pasado por tu situación. Y ahora has crecido interiormente. Tómalo como un regalo. Eres preciosa por dentro y por fuera.

  8. Compare it to the current weight and power of a GP spec 2-stroke 125 and you can see why the GP paddock is, in general, underwhelmed by this ‘replacement’. It will also be extremely interesting to see how Dorna allocate grid slots, given the bike is less than 15% the price of a current 125.More interesting is the rumour that their will be a dedicated 2 stroke championship (125, 250 and 500) starting up in Spain. There are plenty of mechanics, tuners, riders and recently retired bikes itching for this true …

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  11. én már beszereztem : ), a hely tényleg döntő. Első és ezidáig egyetlen próbálkozás egy étcsokis narancsos fagyi volt, hmmmmmm úgy elfogyott, hogy nem tudtam lefotózni. A kancsós betöltés jó ötlet, nem is tudom a használati utasítás miért nem írja??? Úgy az oldalára fagyott a cucc, hogy el sem indultak a lapátok kezdetben, aztán jött a kézi kaparászás.

  12. in conjunction to Mother’s Day?So I should expect to be able to go around making statements like: “If women were relegated to chattel property like they used to be everything would be alright.” and expect no opposition on Father’s Day? (Note I don’t feel this way, I support and believe in gender equity and object to slavery and indentured servitude. The statement was an example.)Are you claiming that the original statement isn’t gender supremacy? It’s pretty bad when you can’t recognize that a statement you’re defending from criticism assumes gender supremacy, if that’s the case.

  13. I admire her too. I admire her music genius, and her song and poetry writing skills. I admire her beautiful smile. I love this new album, I’m just glad she’s back. I co-sign with you, as well. “Notice…Know This” – clever word play

  14. Playing with grammar this week? The words “did” and “used” shouldn’t be in the same sentence I think, given the word “did” is already in past tense. Why not just say “Was this bed bigger?” and “Yes, I used to be a child psychiatrist.” or were those part of the joke? :)Love love love your sense of comedy! Bizarro has been my favorite comic strip from way back. Thanks! (and it’s an added bonus that you are vegan and support animal rights, me too!)

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  16. · Ummmm, yum. Those sound incredible. Mainly because I like cookie dough more than I like actual cookies! And adding blueberries into the mix? Genius. And as a fellow newlywed, I totally feel you on the mirror sentiment. Marshall and I are so similar but so different, and I think having a good mix of the two makes for a successful relationship and mutual sanctification. I don’t know what I ever did without him!

  17. Matt,The key to eliminate “hunched” (internally rotated) shoulders is in the type of resistance training exercise you do. Majority of people like to “bench” and don’t do enough pulling exercises. Need to do cable rows, bendover rows, and strech your pecs & lats. Check articles by Mike Robertson & Eric Cressey at T-Nation. Great Blog Matt. Congrats on your new job!

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  21. I love how having kids puts things so much into perspective. I don’t have the type of priority list. Of course, if my family or friends needed something, I’m there, but then things get muddy. I think I tend to put myself a lot higher on the list – but I think women also need to to ensure sanity Great post. All of your posts are great lately actually!

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  27. That is a monster session I’ve done 10 x 1km and 25 x 400m and this week I did 3 x 3km but 12 x mile, just to much for me to think about. I would rather have run a half at that pace…My marathon is around the same time, would like to be in shape to run faster than you, but I think the goal is going to change to help a friend run a sub 3. good luck with the rest of the training.

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