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  53. That band fucking sucks. Why some people (like Double Cross) hold them on such a pedestal is beyond logic. I'd love to hear an argument as to why this band is even B level good? Because its sure not the unoriginal music, the ripped off Youth Crew style, the posed pictures at a fake show for that 7", or the hair gel.

  54. Here’s my crit:1. Lose the really poor advertising for AT&T where thousands watched a couple of folks play a game. Perhaps it was an intentional bathroom break for every one.2. Don’t rerun videos from the first show… We know the guys were tv actors.3. Tighten it up, too much dead air.4. Good music, great to see someone was remembering that the target audience is the youth.

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  56. Interesting responses guys–I too had honed in on the problematic language. I am guessing the usher was just kind of a rube. But we do use quite ostracizing language within the Church about people outside the Church on a regular basis. I am sure we have all cringed to hear a well-meaning member ask someone they don’t know if they are a member or a non-member or an investigator.While I found it especially ironic that this guest was being invited to sit in a special segregated ghetto section for Jews, I really do wonder why there was a special section at all.

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  70. Intéressant. Enfin on reconnaît la valeur du droit à ne rien faire !!! C’est valable pour les adultes aussi d’ailleurs…Cher Mr le Journaliste, pourrait-on avoir des explications sur l’absence de filles dans ce lieu? A certains âges de la vie, les filles et les garçons aspirent à des activités séparées, et c’est très avouable. Pourquoi ne pas creuser la question?

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  72. Yes, the chief judge is basically saying, the constitution does not fit what the regime is doing, so the constitution should be amended. You’d think after Aponte’s statements, they’d be wanting to reassure people he was wrong instead of offering up incontrovertible corroborating evidence of what he was saying but then, it is just so bizzare. Its like protesting one’s innocence by way of a full confession.

  73. nixou, isnt that also a plot hole. i mean shep is a half synthetic and he stays alive after destroying every unorganic life. and did you find that ghost kids reasoning acceptable? i mean what most dissappointing part was his explanations for me. i expected a much more complicated story for reapers crusades. and isnt it kinda cheap to make a new character appear and explain how your endings can be? though theese are my personal ideas. so i dont hate you because of your love for ME3 ending^^ (and sorry for my bad english.)

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  80. Dang, if y’all didn’t have too many chances to see the match over there, there was no way in the world I’d see it here in the US. Glad that Kalou had a heck of a game and that we got Minerio as well. Anelka, nope, he ain’t starting material. But, I wouldn’t get rid of him unless di Santos really shows something or Drogs is on crutches. Who knows, he could come through for us in a match or two.The other Manchester team got knocked out by who?! “Where was Robinho?”Reply

  81. Nothing against the performers and their performances but it doesn’t surprise me that this type of film would get praise. Not that there are many brown films out there but either we’re left with Tyler Perry’s nonsense or something like ‘The Help’. I’m dying for more diversity when it comes to films with predominantly brown cast.

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