1. Bottom picture has red apples instead of green, a vase above the stove, a missing light/shade above the island, no design on the island face next to barstool, a green pot instead of yellow, a towel next to the stove, a sailboat in the window, no kettle on the stove, plates (or whatever it is) missing from the cabinet next to the stove, and a drawer pull missing on the island.shanna.u at gmail dot com

  2. Oi meu amigo, passei para ver como estavam as modificações e adorei as novidades viu? E fico muito feliz em ver o quanto você está motivado com a blogagem! Acredito que o Luca BD vai crescer e aparecer ainda mais em 2010! Ao menos se depender do seu talento e dos amigos que te querem tão bem tenho certeza disso!2010 é o ano de fazer acontecer, acredite nisso! Grande abraço e tamo junto! 🙂

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  4. Because I love moules, I went to Auberge de Provence for my birthday last August. They were out of mussels, only had a couple of types of Belgian beer, and our waitress seemed to have been drafted in from a pub. Much of the food was very good, and sitting in the garden’s very pleasant, but the service was so slow that the meal ended up lasting at least an hour longer than it should have done. It was an odd experience.

  5. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! “We have two ears and only one tongue in order that we may hear more and speak less.” by Laertius Diogenes.

  6. Bob and Marlene – The pictures are wonderful, specially the black and white its so darling…you can see the love they feel for each other. We love this quote….”It is not the flesh and blood but the heart that wich makes us a family.”

  7. This criminalization not only violates the right of every woman and girl to make decisions about her sexuality and reproductive choices, free of coercion, but it also puts the health and lives of women and girls in danger.

  8. ieri ho fatto dei biscotti al cioccolato simili nel procedimento, ma un po' diversi per composizione (cioccolato no cacao), quelli con le crepe per intenderci! proverò pure questi! 🙂 un abbraccio e riprenditi, a presto

  9. 15:02 315-225-225 on deads. They really felt heavy. I am wondering if I am losing strength from the strict paleo of the challenge. I am really the lightest I have ever been. Weighed in at 160 this morning. Eric– Thank you so much for allowing Jared to work out with us. He had the time of his life, and I really appreciated him being there. It was a lot of fun for both of us.

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  12. This is great. You are so inspiring. I just took my “before” photos this weekend, and it is a real wake up call. I just stated to jog using the couch potato to 5 k app, and it really kicked my butt. I am not a runner or a jogger and every muscle hurts! My mental game is weak and so is my physical game. I have yet to go back to jogging/exercising and demolished a whole jar of crunchy biscoff spread. So, I think it is time for me to join OBA!! Keep up the good work.

  13. "The NBPP IS a major organization whose members hobnob with the President of the United States."OK that comment right there should get all anons kicked off the blog immediately. In what white fantasy world is the NBPP a major organization? Really? No comment about the killing of Robert Byrd huh? Name one person killed by the NBPP. Hell, I'll even throw in the old BPP if you want since you are so desperate to make this a big deal. Jezus, the stupid is strong in this one.

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  16. So true–I definitely didn’t think I would love the pacifier so much (seriously I love whoever invented that magnificent little thing) but I now realize as a mom that you do whatever gets you through the next few minutes or hour or day or night. It is great that you weren’t tied to expectations and just did what you felt was right.

  17. Cablevision only, huh.Cool idea, but the way ice hockey is broadcast is pathetic. You'd think the director calling the shots of what camera goes live would give the viewer at home the BEST seat in the house.Instead, viewers at home are stuck with the sucky horizontal coast-to-coast view for 99% of the game.

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  19. Prezado Stanley, agradecemos sua interação com o nosso blog e esclarecemos que, tal como você, não acreditamos em duendes, embora saibamos que existem alguns idiotas – o que, estamos certos, não é o seu caso. Lamentamos apenas que você não tenha serenidade para a discussão política sem xingamento. Mas estamos certos de que você evoluirá nessa direção.

  20. sg, the problem with “ethics”-based politics is that they are not politics free despite their claims for universality. You rob value claims of their social content if you treat them as disembodied, abstract, eternal principles.The anti-intervention Left also have morals and ethics, they are just different ones to yours. Fair enough we argue over them but neither side should present “their” abstract principle as the only acceptable one because then the debate stops being a debate, doesn’t it?

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  22. I’m sorry about your cat. I’m reading The Charmed Return right now. It took me a while to get it, so I’m glad I finally did!I think Destiny’s Path is a good name for the series, but I liked it better when the books were called Warrior Princess, Destiny’s Path, and The Emerald Flame. I’m not sure if I really like the new ones. And it’s too bad that you don’t get a say in what your series are called. Also it’s annoying that you don’t get a say in the covers, which are so important and if they get messed up it can be so frustrating for the author DX

  23. Non c’est pas un préjugé …Des filles continuellement en détresse y’en a un estie de char au Québec…Pour en avoir connu énormément….J’parle par expérience.

  24. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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  26. Rusty: I saw that thread at the Orthosphere. Bonald pulled another thread on Jews that started as a Gentile dog prostration before the Jewish superiority, which was grotesque in its false humility. I and a couple of others started taking issue with this false doctrine, and there's plenty of New Testament ammunition for what we were doing. Then *poof* goes the thread.

  27. S’ils sont fatiguants, ben faut leur dire de se mêler de leurs affaires. (de façon gentille, quand même, ça reste de la famille après tout)Mais ya personne qui est obligé d’endurer un comportement envahissant, peu importe de qui ça vient. Tout se dit à tout le monde, faut juste bien choisir ses mots.

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  30. an ipad stylus out of wires from garbage bags, broken pens, sponges, a straw, a scissor and a nail–it…wow…sounds like some of the artwork i’ve seen at the ART Basle today…so you may can sell it for a lot of money one day…smiles

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  33. Burk: my "Too Much Debt" comment was intended to refer to private debt, and the sense that the utility of QE will be limited by the fact that the private sector is in a position of needing to deleverage, and thus will not do a lot of borrowing and expanding even if interest rates are low.Irrespective of the merits of the kind of large fiscal expansion you suggest, it seems pretty unlikely in the present political environment.

  34. Hey JanYes, a flashlight. A rather funky one too… I’ll have to take a photograph of it. It has a strong magnet in the base and the head can extend as well, so that it becomes an orange glowing lantern. Also, it flashes. Can only imagine that would be for an emergency signal of some sort.And yeah, I’ve caught her chasing the sun’s reflection off my cellphone already. I had a laser light, but gave it away before moving. Didn’t realize I’d be getting a cat

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  38. Susanna. Jana and I had the opporunity to attend a great conference on the Song of Songs–see the link via my name for more info. This was a wonderful experience for Jana and I while we were dating, and I’m sure we could stand to benefit even more from it now that we are married. It is amazing how God teaches us about love–agape/chesed, philo, stergo, eros (via ahab or ahabah)–throughout His Word. What is even more amazing is that all of those types of love convey the zeal that Christ has for His bride, of which we are members. Thanks for the godly reminder.

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  46. I think most of the positive stuff I’d been reading was coming out of Aus (As in ‘Aussie show takes the world by storm’ kind of spin). The audiences haven’t been great and the show apparently really not that good.

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  62. I'm most troubled by the way that the left has defined the direction of the argument. They accuse Sarah Palin and the Right of unduly influencing the weak willed and deranged with "hate speech", and on cue, much of the defensive Conservative world protests that this guy was not a Palin fan, and probably didn't even listen to Rush Limbaugh. But that implies an acceptance of the "culture of responsibility". What happens when an assassin claims he WAS insired by the Rush Limbaugh show, or a tweet by Palin?

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