Chiuso per ferie

Causa mancanza di personale e scarsità di materia prima, la stazione di rifornimento supporto morale, materiale, autostima, conforto e affini resterà chiusa dal 16 agosto 2006 a … data da destinarsi.

Per necessità impellenti rivolgersi IKEA, reparto specchi e cornici.
Suggerimento disinteressato: prima lavarsi la faccia con vigore. E sturarsi le orecchie.


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  32. These photos are wonderful, you captured the area perfectly. Love seeing photos of Ireland,my whole family is from there and it takes me back home. The few times I was there I wish I was into photography!

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  40. Thank you for sharing this…and all those great, smiling pictures, so sweet!!! Just wondering, do you think Leslie has a FB? I would love to hear how her process is going and who she is working with (maybe we’ll be traveling there around the same time!) [hugs]

  41. Bobby's right, Kimberly. That's good ol' Bernard. Riptide & the puppy are smaller, which makes him look bigger. If he was next to another boxer, you'd have a better perspective.

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  64. Haha thanks It tasted even better than it looks! Maybe for your birthday blog post it should be a cake creation out of whatever is in your cupboards – NCAD – New Cake A Day :p xo

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  88. kapatid ang astig nung die-cut cards! grabe ang detalye! thanks for sharing… sayang nung nagpunta ako before sa SG hindi ko yan na-explore! next time balik tayo dyan saka sa Malaysia… hope to learn more about crafting outside the Philippines =)

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  92. Big Hugs to you Ali. Your pain is just so evident and knowing you it’s difficult to read without tearing up. I totally and completely feel for you. I’ll pray for you Ali. (((HUGS))

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