Certe conversazioni la mattina non andrebbero fatte.

Non tanto perchè tabù, quanto perchè di solito sono l’aggancio per approfondimenti maggiori e diventa difficile chiudere lì. Perchè vorresti dire di più, ascoltare di più, capire e farti capire.
In una storia all’inizio ci sono racconti che prima o poi vanno fatti, domande da porre e considerazioni da scambiare. E fin qui …
Naturale, giusto e salutare aver voglia di parlare, parlare , parlare … Davanti alla tazza di caffè fumante, gli occhi ancora cisposi e i capelli (per chi li ha …) arruffati, le chiacchiere scorrono facilmente e con piacere.
Ma NON di venerdì mattina, con l’orologio che gira, gli autobus da prendere e un nuovo capo da affrontare … !!!!!
(… ma almeno stamattina hai capito con chi hai a che fare. Delle differenze uomo-donna frega nulla: se ci provi ti friggo … e poi hai chiuso!!!)


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  3. And if you were wearing little unndeparts you would have also been that mom but I think the dude would have had a little bit more to tell his wife about.

  4. Jerome Corsi is clearly a political operative for the Left. Why are people still reading his bull shit distractions? He and Orly, by themselves, have destroyed the credibility of anyone questioning anything to do with this controversy. They are the enemy – Obama's left and right hands – yet they are treated like kings around here.

  5. I wish we could go back to the days when everyone in the Democratic party and media were championing the causes and policies of George Bush and wishing him every success during his Presidency.  Those sure were the good old days.VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

  6. Thanks Chin Yong, for the technical rectification. I only had Book 4 of the series, but it was one hell of a read!I wish I’d met other like-minded kids back then. The temptation of casting powerful spells was too much to resist (versus the easy way out, of playing a warrior-class), even though it was painful to solo through Book 4 as an Enchanter.These are amongst the reasons why I gravitate towards games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights up till today .

  7. You have to be kidding me Jerry, Syracuse fourth. They had one bad game, outside of that they have been bludgeoning their opponents all year. Come on Jerry start watching some basketball. I know you hate boeheim, but be objective.

  8. Como siempre excepcional. Por cierto me han encantado las viñetas antiguas. No me da vergüenza reconocer que hasta hace bien poco mi cajon solo lo formaban calcetines negros y algun otro de sport.La regla básica de combinar los calcetinhes con el color de los pantalones sencillamente se desconoce no sólo en España si no tb en la mayoría de los lugares independientemente de la clase social a la q se pertenezca (o por lo menos yo no me había fijado)Por cierto, qué chulada lo de combinarlos con la corbata. Ya tengo varias combinaciones en mente. espero q al final no me eche para atrás.

  9. Manufacturing is a capital-intensive business that requires equipment, tooling and raw materials. For the renaissance to come to fruition, the manufacturers will have to turn to banks for the financing required to hire more workers, buy new equipment and aggressively market themselves – and hopefully acquire those loans.

  10. Obrigado pela mensagem e pela “inflada no ego”.Sobre o conteúdo, desde março de 2010, adotamos um formato de publicação mensal do Visão Histórica e, durante o mês, várias colunas sobre o assunto abordado no programa, tratando detalhadamente de aspectos mais específicos. Então é só dar uma sapeada pelo site que você encontra os posts relacionados no fim de cada artigo. Existe também o calendário, arquivo por mês e o campo de busca, que vão te auxiliar a achar os artigos.Abraço!

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  13. I was able to do the 6 with one foot, the parrot didn’t, and just blurred my sight blue, I was able to hear the noise, I only saw it rotating in one direction no matter how hard I looked, and finally the depth perception and Elvis picture didn’t work

  14. Hi busygran, thanks for the info. I bake and cook cos' I'm curious to know whether the recipe is good and what's in the food. I believe that food can be prepared in many different ways to be enjoyed for healthy living too. Have to bake bread often cos' it's my hubby's breakfast food for decades.

  15. Here in the Queen City the Occupiers are smoozing with the corrupt politicians. What sweethearts the mayor et al are! Waving the $500 event fee for the occupiers across from City Hall.The root of all evil isn't the love of money, it's the love of being star-struck and ego stroked by politicians pretending that they actually care:(I am half tempted to buy a pup tent or at least a sleeping bag and spend the night in the park directly across from my apartment building.I haven't decided what my protest would be about.

  16. PFFFFTTTT!!!!!!With all that “Hard earned” money he has, I wonder if he has done anything to support those he compares himself to.Send a care package to any troops in Afghan???? Probably Not..Made a donation to a support group like the “Wounded Warrior Project”……..What’s that???Spend any time with any wounded war vets over the holidays in the past few years??? Probably to busy…..To get respect, you have to give respect Jackass.

  17. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  18. Grande primo dissidente dos Cecconis (risos), excelente texto, que faz emergir as lembranças da minha visita ao Centenário. Sentar-se nas cadeiras de pedra remanescentes da INAUGURAÇÃO é como teleportar-se, como bem relatas, à final do Mundial de 30. Não existe estádio mais mitológico no continente, e provavelmente apenas o COLISEUM romano enverga tamanha história entre as edificações destinadas aos duelos.

  19. Czytam od niedawna- polecam innym. NiezwykÅ‚y dar obserwacji ubrany tak piÄ™knie we wÅ‚aÅ›ciwe do tematu sÅ‚owa. Dla mnie to już niezÅ‚a literatura – rewelacja. W moim osobistym rankingu przesunęłaÅ› siÄ™ na I miejsce blogowe i cieszÄ™ siÄ™, że tak zostaÅ‚aÅ› oceniona. Czy myÅ›laÅ‚aÅ› o wydaniu książki – wróżę powodzenie /i kasÄ™ oczywiÅ›cie/.Pozdrawiam.

  20. I stumbled onto your blog through a pin on pinterest, and I’m hooked! I check it daily and LOVE your cleaning ideas! I had to share this with you. I am in Georgia in the US. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!Cindy

  21. Huh – I’m not surprised about that. The previews are going to have to sell it. I’m not that big a fan of Black Widow or ScarJo, so it might be the one Avengers movie I don’t see. Unless they mash it together with a lot of Hawkeye back story since it seems you can’t have one without the other. That’s my take though.

  22. I love that way of thinking about the conflict. It’s true, with only 50K there is no room to play around. It’s got to be a very focused, tunnel-vision kind of conflict in order to get it all in there before the book’s end. But that’s what is so fun about a category.

  23. Brett,Have you heard anything on the Jacoby Ellsbury trade rumors? I saw a headline on ESPN that Boston was considering dealing him. Do you think the Cubs could be potential suitors? I think Jacoby Ellsbury would be an awesome addition and a corner piece to a team looking for the future (if healthy)

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  25. Wenn wieder einmal eine Grippewelle die Menschnheit hinwegzuraffen droht, gibt es verschiene Schutzmöglichkeiten, wie Impfungen, Atemschutzmasken, anderen Menschen ganz weit ausweichen, … Schützen muss ich mich aber nur vor den Tröpfchen, die Grippevieren enthalten, nicht vor allen Tröpfchen. Mit HIV ist es nicht anders. Ich muss mich nur vor infektiösen Körperflüssigkeiten schützen, nicht vor allen.

  26. I like how you put a "watch in high quality" or "watch in HD" button in the video control bar. That way, we can watch a video in high quality or HD when we're not even on the video's main page. Thanks, Google and YouTube. A bunch of the other new features, like the collaborative annotations and the way you can delete your own video comments are also good to.

  27. They really don’t. Get in, run an accurately measured and interesting course with energetic volunteers, get out with my chocolate milk and banana = race heaven. Are you running Philly? I really enjoyed that marathon.

  28. or relabeled because they caused unexpected side effects. Predictably no one at the FDA withdrew Donald Rumsfeld’s Aspartame sold under the trade names Equal and NutraSweet. Aspartame is a deadly carcinogen made from the

  29. Thanks Christian. Mine does not look as good now, even after I did the about:config change. What I did to the originals after I shrunk them down was used the gimp auto white balance and color enhance, then adjusted the curves a little. On my computer, they actually looked better previously. Now some of the colors look saturated and there is too much contrast.

  30. It would not be sucking in non-filtered air. The patent states that the incoming air is filtered. The idea is that high enough air pressure would get even sticky dust off. Does it work? I don’t know. Contact cleaning is very likely still necessary, but the invention is directed toward sensor cleaning–something that is much harder to clean manually than the contacts.

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  32. Gary, great advice! We will be in MT later this year- around 23 Sept for a week or so then on to ID and OR. Usually, we are much earlier in MT. Hopefully, it will be a little cooler. Are those Blue Grouse you chase in the hills? My buddies want Mountain Quail in OR, but I'd rather look for a Blue Grouse. Does ID have them? I'll need to look that up.

  33. Snuss, did you read your whole article? The principal of the school changed the kid’s grade to 100 percent. It was the teacher who thought that teachers weren’ty supposed to talk about religion in public schools.This is the debate you will open– Rather than people complaining that people are taking Jesus out of schools, people will complain that their denominations’ version of Jesus isn’t being taught. They will complain that the liberals are trying to undercut their family’s teachings. That’s why people get upset that evolution — the bedrock idea of biology — is taught. It undercuts the literal account of Genesis.

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  35. I like the track and field events and the basketball. For my part, they could drop table tennis. I’m all for adding the three legged race, too. I can think of some very interesting pairings, as well.

  36. Look, I'm not telling you again. Don't come crying to me when the sky goes green and the relentlessly howling winds drown out all sound and rational thought. Don't come to me when that plastic coffee stirrer narrowly misses your head and ends up embedded in a brick wall. 😛

  37. Not sure if you people realise but FIFA allow only 2 stadium for 1 city and the others have to be spread around. Games cannot be held in either Wales or Scotland as this would mean giving all 3 countries direct qualification and UEFA and FIFA will not allow that. All stadiums must hold at least 45,000. I think the WC should go to Australia in 2018. We have held the Olympics, Rugby World Cup, Commonwealth games and to be honest no in one Europe really likes the English and it would be alot safer for all fans to hold the event on the other side of the world.

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  39. Aren’t you jumping the gun after 2 starts? I’m disappointed with how Phil has pitched for months, but aside from his last start, he’s pitched better lately……………and let’s see Nova perform over a whole year.

  40. rischio di essere monotono ma anche Freehand faveva (meglio) 10 anni fa le cose che adesso Illustrator fa cosìcosì.Sinceramente: diventa pesante, se non economicamente almeno intellettualmente, non avere nemmeno il tempo di affinare le tecniche che questi qua sfornano già una variante del SW. Capisco la necessità di fatturare ma mi sa che rischiano la sovraesposizione…N.A.

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  42. sako:>ImmortalHuh, duodu tau +1 už mėginimą trolintis. Neblogas bandymas, iš konteksto pasiėmus sakinius, iš jų dergtis perfrazuojant mano paties mintis. Nors dėl vieno dalyko tu teisus(-i), pražiūrėjau, kad šalia nominalaus BVP grafike pateiktas ir realusis.

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  44. Mr. Mitchell, you are the one who placed a form response to what the chamber is doing. Why is it you cannot speak for the chamber? I don’t see any disagreement to what the chamber does, but I do disagree in what you have shown me to be non-taxing and progressive. Do you agree that taking tax dollars from the city and still asking businesses to pay a membership for the chamber is double taxation for businesses, which ultimately the customers of local business pay for?

  45. Well, if the fringe dwellers are getting bent outta shape over this, maybe they’ll understand how I felt when george bush was cracking jokes about no wmd at the 2004 Whitehouse Correspondents’ bash. At that time my beloved nephew was training for deployment to Anbar Province. I didn’t think any of that shit was funny but I didn’t hear a peep outta my reichwing neighbors about it.Am I too early for notalib’s daily puppet show? I can’t wait to see what new characters he’ll add to the act today.

  46. OK, teď již rozumím. :o)Navíc se domnívám, že vÄ›tu “Jde ostatnÄ› o zásadu vÅ¡eobecnÄ› platnou v celém trestním právu, které je založeno na principu poÅ¡kození jiného než pachatele.” je tÅ™eba vykládat v daném kontextu takto:”Jde ostatnÄ› o zásadu vÅ¡eobecnÄ› platnou v celém [současném českém] trestním právu, které je založeno na principu poÅ¡kození jiného než pachatele.”S takto doplnÄ›nou vÄ›tou asi nelze nesouhlasit, ne?

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  48. When Obama’s numbers while in the Florida polls start out to decrease, a miraculous openning will appear in Obama’s schedule and he will state Neytanyahu is his pretty most most effective buddy inside the full world…. Nobody can throw Israel beneath the bus like Obama can.

  49. This isn't really a roller coaster per se but there used to be a waterpark/ski resort up in northern NJ called Action Park that had an Alpine Slide. It was like a side-winding trough that you rode down on small, flat carts. The carts had a brake and if you didn't use it…well, then you'd risk terrible injury. They actually had photos of awful scrapes at the station platfrom from people who didn't follow the rules. It was very comforting. lol

  50. Thanks for this comment. The thing is, Alan Bavley was able to identify a neurosurgeon based on the public use file alone. The fact that his methods were totally fine and HRSA still decided to revamp the site is disturbing and odd, but from the little I’ve gleaned, connecting the dots between the public data and identifying information is not all that uncommon. The fact that this can be for better or for worse is at the heart of the debate, I suppose. -Jessica

  51. Hi Irma,Found your blog through a technical search on Google.After reading your story, I came to the conclusion that we’re the same freaks. You’re too narrow with your artery. I’m narrow with my nostrils, rendering me sometimes hard to breathe. Guess we’re the same computer geeks needing more workouts than we currently have. Life goes on anyway.Will

  52. Não acredito em nada do que diz Jobim, tenho bons motivos para isso. O desmentido dele cheira a mentira. Já acobertou outros sem-vergonhas no passado. Já mentiu na época da Constituição, e mentiu depois sobre fatos que envolviam Ulisses qdo este estava morto. Os fatos narrados por Gilmar são super verossímeis.

  53. ana:Depende do ponto de vista. Ontem, achei sumamente interessante ver e ouvir a Sande Lemos e o Fernando Dacosta dizerem aos presentes e na ausência do visado, o que este deveria ter ouvido de viva voz.

  54. a écrit : :Entendons nous sur le mot racisme: ça ne repose pas nécessairement sur la notion de race.Avec des bases comme ça, le dialogue ne va pas être facile ! Quand vous dites « Entendons-nous » voulez-vous dire qu’il faut se mettre d’accord ou bien qu’il faut que l’on se téléphone ?

  55. richiesta per Mr Happy Little Goat;so che con ci azzecca niente, però si può avere una immagine della capretta felice in formato 1280×1024 da usare come sfondo del mio desktop?

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  58. Tygřík:ahooooooooj 🙂 tygÅ™ik od nymburka si pravdÄ›podobnÄ› bude moct dovolit dorazit do prahy aspon na sobotni vecer a nedeli, takze by nenapadne pozadal o jakykoli blizsi info k akci O:) a uz se mooooc tesi 🙂

  59. Phil:If there is a little, aged, bald-headed man running things from behind a screen, do you believe he is an American?Do you believe in puppets operating without human agency?Do you believe if it were possible to *poof* wipe America off the wipe/on/off board of world events that peace would happen?Mr. Paul Craig Roberts would say yes to every one of my questions.Isn’t that view rather naive?

  60. seorang anak manusia terlahir di dunia ini tidak bisa memilih melalui rahim siapa, jadilah mereka bule, negro, sawo matang, kuning, jawa sunda, padang dll. juga agamanyapun tidak bisa memilih. semua itu pasti kehendak Allah, Apakah Allah juga akan memberi Cap Kafir untuk ciptaanNya sendiri ……. seperti yang diucap Bang Rhoma dan para Kiai….badwordfilter(“8973996082960386711”);

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  62. I guess for me it would also involve machine quilting. I never seem to be totally happy with the quilting if I use a different color thread in the bobbin as for the top stitching. Getting the tensions perfect can be a tricky thing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Nazarene mówi:Tworzę aoncuct z powodu mojej inspiracji Ron Paul. Kandydaci Tea Party oprócz Ron Paul już w przeważającej części nieodebranych wiadomości. Czy oni wypowiedzą zagranicznych wojen, Amerykańskie imperium, Wojna z narkotykami? Nie. Są one w przeważającej części na obniżki podatków dla bogatych. Nie daj się nabrać. Ron Paul jest prawdziwy artykuł, Bachmann, Blond, Kain, itd.. są po prostu pasożytami!

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  240. I would rather see a blogger posting the same clothes once in a while, because she loves them to dead, than I would like to see a blogger who raids her clothing pusher every week and uses clothes for a short amount of time. I find it much more inspiring to see the same item in a lot of items than seeing new items on the blog each week. Seems much more recessionista like 🙂

  241. i had some similar thoughts on the way to delhi by the rajdhani, except that it was samhith asking all those questions and i had to answer him 🙂 and we all realised that the 2nd class train journey was much more exciting!

  242. You little sneeker …..getting this posted early! Well done! Can't wait to see all there yummy sides to this merry go round! Pink & brown….my faves!

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  246. “It would be a tougher case if he simply pardoned anyone who HAD violated a particular law during his tenure as president without specifying individuals.”Actually, I believe that presidents have made broad use of their pardon power in the past. I think Jefferson pardoned anyone arrested under the Alien and Sedition Acts, and after World War 1 ended, I believe that Wilson pardoned all the draft resisters that were still in jail. (I’m not sure on the details, but I think something like that happened. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.)Personally, I doubt that there will be a storm of pardons in 2008.

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