Good news fronte lavoro. Ulteriori dettagli a seguire non appena potrò stabilire la chiusura del sacco che dovrà contenere il “Quattro!”. Ma comunque sono e restano good news.

No news … fronte del porto. Si scaricano casse, ma si rivelano vuote, tutte. A saperlo prima … non le caricavo nemmeno.

Purtroppo cattive news fronte casalingo. Speriamo si rivelino solo transitorie e mantengano (al massimo) questo livello di allarme.


  1. Muy típico por nuestra parte, de 11 comentarios 8 son para poner a parir…….eso dice bastante de nuestra mentalidad. Asi construimos o mejor dicho destruimos un pais. Luego nos quejamos de la clase politica que tenemos……no son más que un reflejo de nuestras sociedad.Debate caliente. Qué piensas? 10  9

  2. Pakko oli kokeilla, niin kivan kuulonen setti. 5+41+1030 -köysillä varovasti, ettei olis turhia palovammoja kintuissa Nyt pari viikkoo lomaa ja lepoo (mitä se sitten ikinä tarkoottaakaan…) Hyviä treenejä kaikille, seuraillaan tuloksia sivuilta !

  3. Brittani–Why don’t you go for it? The application process can be quite long, and at each step, they give you the chance to chicken out, so don’t feel like starting the process is a firm commitment. Some aspects of PC can be hard, but you sound adaptable. It was a very rewarding experience for me–one of my favorite things to have done. There are LOTS of narratives out there on the web, but it is hard to say what a “typical” experience is like–it depends so much on you and the program of your assigned country.

  4. Denial, yes I think so. Denial by the far right that sending death threats is acceptable behavior. Do you honestly not think sending death threads is wrong? That is violent, it’s repulsive; thats not freedom of speech. When one side wants so badly to control the other side, they send death threats to stop town meetings where open dialogue could take place…thats not conservative, that’s radical. And there’s nothing about that, thats democratic, appropriate, or acceptable by law abiding citizens.

  5. Stuart is not getting any answers. But let me chime in anyway.The US is not a democracy. Money and media determine who runs. Any true outsider has zero chance of participating in political discussion.So holding an election does not mean democracy. Not in the US, Russia, or Iran.

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  12. My favourite whiskies are Laphroaig; Lagavulin; and Caol Ila (in that order), although I can also be tempted by the (4?) other Islay malts, and I like a 50:50 malt:water mix, which I achieve either by eye or with a small measure – whatever is to hand – a shot glass, for instance.I’m not really a fan of other Scotches, although I admit that once I tasted the peaty/smoky Laphroaig I didn’t look much further!Slainte.Joe Crow, Ireland…which has a few decent whiskies of its own!

  13. I really appreciate that you acknowledged you get kickbacks through these links. There is another youtuber who deleted my comment (response) to someone who asked what she does for money. I’d mentioned that a lot of guru’s get a small percentage when we buy through their links/using their discount code… etc. The channel owner just denied/deleted my response! I have a lot more respect for you because you’re honest with us. Thanks Julie

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  31. Great summary. The video length is the least understood thing for me. There are at least 2 VERY popular cooking shows whose average time is over 10 minutes. I do think – and this is based purely on how I use YouTube – that a shorter run-time is more likely to grab the attention of new viewers. Once you’ve got an established base, though, maybe a longer time is really appealing to your viewers?

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  33. No, vacations were NOT the primary concern. But still, when the gov and the lt,. gov. take them together, it defeats the purpose of having a Lt, Gov,The Senate President should NO longer be Acting Governor,

  34. Thanks for your helpful advice Heather. It sounds so sensible. I love that feeling of genuine hunger. I get a bit stressed sometimes and comfort eat, but need to re-focus and eat in a way that is looking after my body.

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  41. ~waves~While nerve-wracking to do, it was kinda fun at the same time. It was my first time — Lynn’s too, I think — and it turned out pretty well, considering. And Morgan at RT is fab to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and then does a great job editing out the stutters… (Lynn, aren’t we overdue for lunch?)

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