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  7. Ah, nice to know you’re a procrastinator too because it seems like you get so much done! I think we are harder on ourselves huh? I know what you mean about the pressure- sometimes I think that adds fuel to my creative fire and helps me come up with awesome stuff, but deep down I know I could make it even MORE awesome if it wasn’t last minute. I’m aiming to get there someday- baby steps! Thanks for sharing Kerry!! -jena

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  38. Brings back some lovely, hazy memories Chris! I know what you mean about the desserts though, didn't quite hit the heights – although Jordi was in the house when we went.Gavin: They certainly had it when we were there the day before Chris, it was like some sort of crazy lectern. We went for the tasting wines though – fifteen different ones!

  39. we’ve heard this point of view over and over. shielding the president and blaming others. it’s enough already. i’m down here talking to people and photographing what i see. none of it is acceptable. none of it measures up to what was promised. i don’t care what’s going on behind closed doors. i care about what i am seeing. and as soon as i can pull all the photos together and organize my thoughts, my readers will see it as well. we can have a full debate then, but i will not suffer this pre-emptive shielding of the president based on one photo and three lines of text.

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