1. Leggo questo post riferito a me….ti assicuro che la posizione c’è … e alla fine come dici tu c’è comunque una posizione!!!;)F.

  2. I was shocked at how personal and opitoinaned the review was. Before reading the review, I had expected a very formal, impersonal review but enjoyed seeing the personal opinion and critique.

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  13. As atheists we accept that bad people will do bad things and not be punished. Since we do not believe in a heaven or hell, we (atheists) accept our own ‘sins’ (we call if simply ‘bad behavior’). We ‘own’ it. When people believe in an afterlife, they are more willing to do things in this life that affect others well-being negatively. To me it’s selfish behavior to do things to ‘get yourself’ into a mythical heaven that no one can prove exists.

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  15. Ha ha I had the exact same night minus the porn and snoring dogs they were just farting. Hufffff I hope this day goes by quickly happy I wasn’t the only one. Good luck!! See you tomorrow for the comedy show.

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  17. that what you see is what you want and where your focus is. I’d say that’s pretty interesting and right on the money in my case. Knowledge and Courage being two things I’m working on these days – Love and family always come first with me – and they help me with my struggles for knowledge and courage. Funny how that works, huh?

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  25. what has changed on the Waste’s site? all I can see is more content from 9msn, including the shameless fluff piece about Eddy raising the ratings on ACAand a really scary photo byline of Pam Casellas. I know what mask I’ll be wearing next Halloween

  26. It’s amazing that all these liberals, who are “pro choice” can’t understand that the choice occurs when you decide to have sex. After that you get many more choices about how to handle the consequences. Some are moral and right, others are immoral and wrong- abortion, contraception, the morning after pill, etc. Forcing religious people to pay for other people’s poor choices is totally against the first amendment.

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  35. Well, I’ve seen authors interact with fans online- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, for instance, is pretty active on her site’s messageboards- without any serious backlash. Then again, it’s more pro-criticism there- at one point, there was a thread entitled “Aubrey [one of her characters] is a poorly-developed character with no brains” and no one kicked up a fuss. And her fans are much calmer.

  36. he wanted all or nothing rather than come to agreement with those in power in the house, as it is supposed to work. The President is supposed to compromise for the sake of getting things done when he don’t have the power. Especially with the House, the lower half of congress, because the House is most directly the will of the people. That’s why they are elected every two years.The result, Debt Mess.

  37. Thanks for posting this. It really means a lot to us users that you understand why we are upset about it. But you are right, it is all up to the record label. Hopefully in the future, major labels like UMG and Hollywood records can use this as free advertising. Maybe by putting an ad for the artist/label beside the video so they earn revenue from it.

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  41. I am fortunate enough to have a Ph.D in Rhetoric and Composition, a field with much better job placement rates than most other humanities. I still make it a point to tell every undergrad I have who thinks about grad school, and every applicant to my university (I handle graduate admissions), the dire state of the job market.

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  46. Thank you very much Eve, I’m very grateful to you! Shows my age, you see, always going on about the weather, the prices of bread, petrol, the government… I’m just a moaning old hack!

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  56. Patricia, I know how you feel. New clothes are not cheap, but with a little research and looking around, you will find tons of thrift stores and consignment shops. Even when I do have some extra cash I go these stores for the pure joy of the great find!

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  61. that sure is an ignorant kinda thing to say…there are by the way far far more americans moving to canada each year than there are canadians moving to the usa.

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  63. Great piece, Andrew – thoughtful and well written. The need of the hour is to realize that we are competing for global jobs now, and not for American jobs or Indian jobs, especially in industries like information technology and financial services. As you’ve rightly pointed out, this is not a zero-sum game. I feel it’s necessary for everyone to accept and understand that outsourcing and the increasing unemployment rate in the US are not as strongly, and directly, correlated as they’re portrayed to be.

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  67. VC…thanks for the insight. You are right, the product is the bottom line. But I do think the Devils have done everything possible to make this an attractive building. And from Seton Hall’s standpoint, I think the building will improve Seton Hall’s product by providing a small but palpable boost in recruiting.

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  69. The bit about secrets tasting like vinegar…just perfect. I love how you did this, blurring the lines between memoir and fiction. I’m always afraid to use first person in this intimate type of fiction, because people assume it’s me. Perhaps I should let go of that.

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